Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Tutorial: Marble Mugs

Hello everyone, and welcome to all our new members who joined at Serendipity 2! 

Hopefully you all enjoyed making marble mugs at yesterday's workshop, but if you couldn't make it down I've put together a tutorial so you can try on your own at home. 


-Plain mug (ideally white but any colour would work) 
-Nail varnish (1-4 colours depending on how colourful you'd like your mug to be!)
-Nail varnish remover
-Mixing bowl filled with water deep enough to sink your mug into


1. In a circular/spiralling motion, pour a small amount of nail varnish into the water - repeat with other colours if using more than one. 

2. Wait a few seconds for the varnish to disperse in the water. 

3. Dip your mug into the water and swirl it round to collect as much nail varnish as possible. You could push the mug in bottom down, or put it in sideways - the decision is yours! 

4. Rest upside down on a piece of kitchen roll and allow to dry. 

5. Use nail varnish remover to clean the inside of your mug (and possibly your hands!)'re finished! Your very own marble mug. Just remember to wash them in cooler water (including before use to remove any nail varnish remover), and don't pop them in the microwave or dishwasher. 

Here are a few examples made at last night's session to help inspire you: 

Thank you for reading, and happy crafting! :) 

P.S. In next week's workshop we will be making bath bombs! It should be a fantastic session so do pop down to Academi at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd to give it a go! 

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